Completion of The Kyndred

Finally! We have completed the first step; by making a website for Kyndred Spirits to gather and explore, together. We hope you will join us on a path of discovery, adventure and sustainable growth; or find your own path towards the Kyndred Spirit and harmony, in all of us.

This has been a long, difficult, and expensive task. We will continue to grow slowly, patiently helping a few at a time, until we are capable of more. When we reach our next goal, of starting a non-profit centered on community outreach and support, in every facet of our society and culture, we will begin the journey of changing the way rehabilitation and care are provided for everyone. Education reform and homeless rehabilitation reform are needed. We even want to make a business environment where employees want to come to work and are healthy, happy people, because they are treated with respect and love. All of this is possible, with the help of small groups of us coming together, to help balance the imbalance.

We cannot claim that our endeavor will succeed, or that it will have only positive effects; only that we will not stop trying to help society learn to respect and love itself. By doing so, we could learn to live sustainably and harmoniously with the environment, and its inhabitants. This is the most important aspect of our goals; to become sustainable with nature. We just believe that the quickest and healthiest way to get there, is by first learning to become sustainable and harmonious, within ourselves. As a society, as a world, of Kyndred Spirits.

Services have been added, and many more will be offered, in the future. Events are currently postponed, until further notice of funding. Products will be added slowly, as we test and re-test them, before we list them.

Please feel free to offer content by posting, support by reaching out to someone or through donation, and if you are so moved to be involved in this movement of inclusivity of all life, we would be happy to hear your ideas of what you want to offer, by emailing

Thank you all for being.

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