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Art: Beauty Redifined  

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Hello! Welcome to my shortened theory on art.


Art can mean one very dramatic, life changing experience to one person, while another could become physically ill at the sight of the same piece. It's so subjective, that there's a high chance of everyone seeing it completely differently and having drastically differing reactions to it.

However, one of the most beautiful aspects about art, and there are many, is that it provides the same thing for all artists: an outlet. No matter which style, or genre, or medium. The cost of the supplies or editing time doesn't matter. The fame, wealth and side effects of successfully selling art in our current culture, is secondary to the initial need to express the inexpressible through an artistic medium ( because there isn't a better medium ). Especially for the less fortunate.

An entire genre of music was born out of a need to express pain and hurt in a beautiful way. This expression is the gift of art and the beauty that it allows us to recognize. How we choose to perceive it, is entirely up to us. 

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