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Collaboration Poetry: Altered States  

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Altered States


Inspired alteration, numbs this shattered mind,

Transpiring every time - I see you behind those eyes. -

Hidden in a field of green and camouflage in name,

Subjugate the fear and doubt, to manifest the same.


Elated emptiness - consumes your rotten core,

Shackled by thoughts of self-loathing once more.

Desires to escape this petty prison you have made,

No longer justified - as your light begins to fade.


Release the rooted moments not allowing you to relate,

Invoke the warding token, spoken after altered states.

Past in repression - obscure your present too far, -

Although, we're all devoid of truly understanding, what - WE - are. --


"Disturbed and undeserving!": You claim. But, I cannot comprehend,

Why you fear expression, - and reject each reaching hand.

We are magic and divine, - transmute the muted mind,

Into whispers that remind you: "Fear not  -your own - demise."


Conjure the perception that all deserve respect,

Reflect upon your worth and dissect the introspect.

Prevent the self-deflection from analyzing thoughts,

And invite an insurrection, to retrain - what you - have been taught...


As always, I hope to find others who share a desire to collaborate. No ideas are bad ones, except politics. That was a bad idea. Later 🙂

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