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Methamphetamine Addiction Experience  

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Hopefully someone else will receive some comfort or even possibly an idea for how to help themselves or their children from this information. If nothing else, it is worthwhile for me to express it all openly.

For me, the initial experience with amphetamines was when I was 8 years old. In 3rd grade, I was diagnosed with ADHD, which at the time was a completely new type of medical issue that was being rampantly thrown around by medical professionals. I am not saying that ADD and ADHD aren't real things, or that in some cases medication may be a good idea for a short period of time. However, during this time the rate of prescription was astronomical and being prescribed at the drop of a hat. What kids with ADD and ADHD need, is patience and proper training.

All I can recount is my own personal experience and memories of this time period. From 8 to 12 years old I was on Ritalin for being hyper in school. The side effects were drastic and what I recall was being "zombiefied" and having stomach aches and a complete lack of energy. What I understand now that I didn't then, is that I was being drugged in order to keep me in line so that the teachers didn't have to teach and my Mother didn't have to parent. It may be harsh to say, but the truth is important and I don't like the idea of sugar coating or being diplomatic at the cost of potential confusion.

After years of being on Ritalin, I was switched to Tofranil ( just another amphetamine for ADHD ) and it caused even worse problems. Luckily I was only on that for a year. By 13 years old, I had experimented with other pills that were prescribed to other friends. We would trade medication and experiment with combinations that could not have been good for a growing body and mind. I had already experimented with Marijuana and alcohol. Then, at some point in late Jr. High, I tried Methamphetamine. Don't let anyone lie to you about this face: there is virtually no difference between Methamphetamine an Amphetamine. The effects on the body are extremely similar and equally addictive and dangerous. 

At age 14, the abuse of drugs had become severe and I had done almost every drug imaginable. This was on top of having issues at school and home, which I could go further into for perspective, but I won't because this is strictly about amphetamine addiction and how ADD and ADHD medication can lead to it. By age 15, I had dropped out of school, been kicked out of my Mother's House, and became homeless due to drug addiction. I became involved with criminal activity, shady people and was arrested and charged with possession. I spent the next years in and out of rehabs, institutions, on probation and unable to function in any sense of social life. Friends dying around me of suicide, overdose and even being killed during drug deals. The teen years of my life were a tragic and horrific time period that nobody should ever have to experience. 

I consider myself fortunate and one of the lucky ones. I made it out of that life, haven't done any type of amphetamine for over 15 years now, and I have been gifted with the ability to help others with similar issues. In no way do I consider myself a victim of the poor parenting, short-sighted medical field and prescription drug pushing, or even of society. I consider myself capable of anything and a strong, intelligent person who desires to help others when and if I can. However, I do believe that we as a society should do better moving forward, for our children and our future as a species.

We cannot continue to allow the pharmaceutical companies and school systems to push drugs onto our children. We cannot continue to arrest and jail children for experimenting with drugs. I think it's past time to be more understanding, more stable, more compassionate to our children and ourselves. It is time to provide proper education and rehabilitation to everyone, without the severe punishment of incarceration. Incarceration only caused me to become more of a criminal, to believe that I had nothing to give, or that I was worth having a better life.

Eventually, I learned about meditation. This allowed me to search within myself and recognize I had been a victim for my entire life. Once I realized it was all my own choice, I moved away from everyone I knew. I started a new life away from the drugs and street scene. I continued to meditate, research, grow and learn about who I was and what I wanted to become. These are the steps we need to teach our children to do before attempting a prescription approach. That is probably true in most cases.

I hope that others can find some truth in this. That they might treat their children with more respect and love. That eventually, we could evolve into more conscious and understanding beings.

Thank you all.


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