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Next Level Camping "TRIP"  

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There is extreme danger when injesting hallucinogenic substances. Please only do so with a professional or in a safe environment. We accept no responsibility for any injuries caused by attempting any substances.


Hello all,


It has been a few since last I was able to write. Spent some time sick, some time reflecting, and finally, some time prepping for this miraculous event. 

This past weekend, I and eight other explorers, went deep into the deserts of southern California, in order to commune. What we experienced, was different for each of us, but probably equally as profound. 

We spent hours during the day, digging one of the cars out of dunes. The next shaded time setting up, getting comfortable, and dropping our hallucinogens. From there it took a few rough turns, also.

One of the explorers had what I, and many, refer to as an "EGO DEATH" trip. Hours of torturous mental gymnastics. Which causes the body to usually begin the expelling process and flu like cold sweats, lack of energy, and in his case, seemingly in another reality. Fortunately, this was intended to have plenty of experienced users, who have taken care of others along a similar journey. Something I would like to call psychadelic guidance. 

This was one of what I hope to be, many of these events. Psychadelic experiences can range from an enjoyable and relaxed time, to all out insanity, usually depending on substance injested, ( i.e. L.S.D. or Psilocybin or peyote to name a few ) and the dosage or kilogram amount as most are measured in. 

Starting shortly, we will begin the process of having a similar camping trip experience, open to the public, four times per year. Each Solstice and Equinox. As the first step has barely been taken, this will likely all unfold in ways none of us could see. I hope to explore more depth with many of you in the future. 

I wish you all the depth you can handle. 



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