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Social Media and Its Influence  

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Hello All,

Social media can be a great tool for marketing and staying in touch with others. Being social is becoming understood as a human need. But social media is also playing a role in some very negative ways.

The biggest issue from my perspective is egocentric behavior patterns. It isn't "wrong" to boost an ego, just harmful if it isn't balanced properly. Just as men have had ego issues with power and control throughout history, women will begin to get more corrupt by power and control, for the same reason. Unchecked ego = corruption. 

We aren't capable of or created to experience such extremes for extended periods of time. Then the withdrawls and side effects of the erratic emotional and mental slingshotting that happens from unsustainable addiction. Don't let anyone fool you, ego is the most addictive drug, and through the hippocampus, can produce all of the chemicals that can addict us. 

We should recognize that without balance and sustainability, we won't have a society to be quarrelling over economy, fashion, entertainment, or even art. We should begin educating our society about the reality of emotional understanding and healthy expression. Gravitate towards the honest and open side of our emotions and thoughts. Otherwise, they will get deformed and muted, hiding in the dark recesses of the mind as they currently do. A diseased ego can wreak havoc on the strongest of minds. 

I certainly hope more people take measures to fight the effects of emotional distress from the addictive behavior patterns that cause them. Good luck to you all.

Thank you to the fellow truth seekers. The difficulty lies in getting accurate external feedback. 

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