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The Enabling of Labeling  

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Hello Lovely Entities, 

I debated about which category to put this in, as I'm sure some of you may notice after reading it. I came to the realization that this is a an issue that humanity created, but that every other species must endure. We are the only species that get caught up in what something should be called, labeled, defined, or any other classification system. We are the only species that kill, die, hate, fear, love, and any other array of emotions, over labels, definitions, things that do not actually have meaning apart from what we give to them. 

Obviously, labels and definitions are a requirement for our current forms of communication. Verbal and non-verbal ( as we call it, however, it doesn't encompass all forms of non-verbal communication ) are both limited in capability of communication. Both speaking and listening can become tiresome chores, or be uplifting and inspirational. It all depends on the participants perceptions of each other, and themselves. That is because we attach meaning to a tool, and then become engrossed in it's success or failure. 

First, the speaker needs to understand exactly what they feel, think, everything all while experiencing it. Then the listener, needs to have had some form of experience to even begin to imagine what the speaker is saying by the words they are using, and also has to understand the language. Some of the time, the listeners emotions and perceptions can prevent them from listening, or helping. It requires so much focus each and every time, it's no surprise that we are all confused, so frequently, by others. Most do not really know what they are thinking and feeling. So how could they possibly express it honestly, to others.

What happens usually, ( and I'm not ashamed to admit that I know this intimately because I was this ) is that people fall into confusion, because they feel or think something they don't understand. As a defense mechanism for survival, the ego points its finger anywhere but here. So the confusion gets projected, and infects someone else because they don't understand. Often, that can turn into some form of aggression or violence, because ego cannot handle being challenged. Because I myself, became rage, I know that it can end with violent rage, as well. For no other reason, than my own egotistical unwillingness to accept responsibility, for my own emotions and thoughts. 

Some of you may be thinking, "what does this have to do with labels?", and this is where I get to that. Because we have let our ego become so fed, yet so ravenous, eternally, we are now in a state of enabling all labels. Becoming outraged over a label, for instance, is pure ego. Nothing was harmed, nobody was hurt, and in no way did the dramatized reaction, help the experience become more loving. If you are angered and enraged, or even slightly annoyed, by any single entity or group speaking differently than you, you are the one projecting that anger and rage. You are the cause of your own suffering. Just as those that lob labels at you or others, are really just labeling and being angry, at themselves.

For me, I want to remove my labels, and I refuse anyone else's labels of me, no matter how persistent they claim it. Despite anyone else's attempts at telling me what life is, it is my decision to agree or disagree, to accept or deny, and to force my label or agenda on them, is hypocrisy at best, and tyranny at worst. I'm not saying that making jokes and having fun would qualify, because laughter and love go hand in hand, make fun and make love. But to get angry and try to force another into using your language, your words, your labels, that is madness, and I want no part of it.

As an American, I want to officially announce that I am standing up against this tyrannical government, greedy corporatocracy, Media sponsored by both, and a beyond corrupt banking/military system. They are the culprits behind the media driven, eerily close to the classic book "1984", and insane idea of forced labels and removal of certain words. They have brainwashed enough young people, that are just sick of feeling so insecure, and anger is a gift during those times, again, from experience. But it will only flame the hatred of others, it will only assert more dominance over every moment, and it will destroy any semblance of freedom and love. 

Please take a moment to think about which labels cause you pain. Then recognize, how it's nothing more than your perception of that label. The label is a tool, the emotion is a tool, and our body is a tool, and yet we apply so much weight to them, that they have ultimate control over our lives. We need to realize that tools only have as much power, as we give them. As do governments, corporations, presidents, bankers and anything else ( because they are all just tools ). We are the powerful. We are the Creators. We are the Kyndred.  Knowledge is knowing if something can be used as a tool. Wisdom is in using it, without becoming attached or hurt by the tool. 

See you all around, in the Ether.

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