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Injustice In The System  

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Hey Everyone, 

Been a bit, but I felt this was a past due topic. I met a wonderful and beautiful soul recently, that only wanted to help people and take care of their family. They were providing marijuana to patients for many different needs, all within the state laws. They are now facing ten years to life in federal prison, for a non-violent, community supportive action, where the individual will never be the same after.

I have personally been through very similar corrupt systems as a teen and young adult. Should a non-violent person, be caged with violent criminals, making them more likely to become violent? Should non-violent crimes require jail time? Seems like madness. Unless you factor in the intention of the privatized prison system. Or the CIA's known plot to push addiction into lower income housing areas, causing more criminals.

I feel certain it's past time for a revolution. It may be too late, if we don't act soon. The balance of power has been off for so long, most of us can't remember what freedom tastes like. But we know the foul taste of fear, so well. The anxiety of a day to day struggle, just to barely survive, while billionaires watch the homeless fight and die for fun. 

But blaming them is pointless. We hold the weight and responsibility. Only we can stop them. Only we have the ability to balance the unsustainable. Otherwise, we may not survive this. Hopefully, we at least stop punishing non-violent drug offenders as though they are murderers and rapists, which we let out if jail early frequently due to overcrowding of non-violent offenders. 

Thanks all. Keep growing 🙂

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