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This is my philosophical understanding regarding individual perception of life and death, and how it might relate to our choice of our own life and death, as a species. Enjoy 🙂


If you are of the perception, that this current system of government and economic regression, is the best option we have, and there is no point in attempting to make anything better, then you are lost in life, and yourself. Because everything, yourself and everything around you, can always be changed for the better, or worse. Based on choices, we all make together.

If you are of the perception that things can be better, but are refusing to work with others that also want it to be better, then you are choosing to let ego prevent progress, and continue regressing. Because, if what was more important to you, was change for the better of everyone, then who you worked with, or any differences you had, wouldn't matter. It would be more important to help grow sustainably as a society, then to be the loudest and most hurt person in the room.

If you are of the perception that society, economy, government, and ourselves, do in fact require regular maintenance, growth, and connection, then maybe you see some potential in a beautiful future. If you believe that working together, even at times when it may be difficult, and working with those we may disagree with, but for the greater good of sustainable existence with everything, you might be an adult entity capable of empathy and understanding, beyond a selfish comprehension of life and living.

If you have a perception that no matter your "status", wealth, education level, or anything else, you only deserve as much respect and love as any other creature=being=entity=person, in this universe, then you might just be an awakened, loving being that this species has not proven it's worth for, yet.

I hope that those few of you strong enough to swim against the current, to sprinkle love onto fear, and to express yourselves openly and honestly, despite any criticisms or fears, that your strength never wanes, and your convictions remain clear.

The revolution is at hand. Thank you all 🙂

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