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Volunteering Is Starting Soon  

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I don't want to get too ahead of myself as I have a tendency to do from excitement, but I am almost ready to start the Volunteer Events. The plan, at least for the beginning, is to setup a volunteer event once or twice a month. As much as I would love to do more and eventually hope to, I don't have time to do more yet. 

What I hope is that others join in and eventually become a group of volunteers helping out others. We all deserve access to the necessities in life, and many of us are lacking. Mostly due to corporate and political greed, but that won't stop me and others from doing whatever we can to help those that need it. 

Keep an eye on the events section. The calendar will show the information of where and when the events will take place. Maybe I'll see some of you out there.

If you are not in San Diego and would like to setup a volunteer event, please email me directly @ and I will gladly put an event on the calendar in your area.

- Provide city, state, venue, and time/date of event. Must be at least a week in advance of event.

Thank you all.

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