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Behavior: Specifics Vs Generics  

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Hello Magical Mystery Entities,

I had a conversation with someone recently that helped me recognize one of the many forms of manipulation that the ego will attempt to use, to prevent awareness of repression, or addiction, or behavior issues in general. That difference became obvious in our speech when I was saying exact actions taken by the individual, with a sensible reason as to how the behavior may have been less than respectful or loving with a willingness to discuss openly, and they began having generalizations about how they are not disrespectful as a person, and therefore could not possibly have acted with less than respect, and being unwilling to discuss any possibility.

This is something the ego does after years of choosing to repress our emotional and mental states for so long. We become so general as an entity, that we aren't willing to see ourselves on a moment by moment basis, but rather as a whole entity that can't ever possibly perform a disrespectful action because we aren't a disrespectful person. That perspective is itself disrespectful to us and anyone we project it to.

If we are unwilling to accept our actions, we are also unwilling to accept the consequences of those actions. Being capable and willing to accept that sometimes we all behave less than perfectly is extremely important to healthy emotional and mental states. The next steps are equally important for any relationship outside of yourself.

To admit and acknowledge that an action you took may have caused someone pain, is one step. To apologize and make amends for an action that was harmful to others and yourself, is one step. To make up for the pain caused by giving more of yourself and your energy because you would want that in return if you felt hurt by someone you love, is one step. Then, being capable of choosing to move forward with an understanding of growth, so that this relationship doesn't continue to be taken advantage of and disrespected by anyone, is the last step. 

There is no generalization when you are in an experience, acting upon emotions and thoughts within that moment. It is very specific and our conscious and subconscious minds take it as such. If we consciously choose to accept those specifically, we will learn to become more specifically aware and engaged with ourselves and others. 

As always, I hope this helps others. Thank you to the delusional few that believe global inclusivity is possible, and work towards its future. 

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