Mission Statement

Our mission is to evolve harmoniously and sustainably into the future. We believe that begins with a healthy, loving community of inclusive entities that understand our similarities matter, far more than our differences. There is no such thing as individual, separate, or superior. We all share common interests of surviving, thriving, existing, and evolving. They can only be achieved as a group, not as any single entity.

Simply by understanding that plants and trees take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen in return, and that most other species take in oxygen and produce carbon dioxide, the evidence of interconnection becomes all too obvious. If we truly witness the miracles of Nature, there is no denying that we are interdependent with our surroundings. We must unite under the banner of life and learn to appreciate the similarities, rather than judge the differences.

We are all connected by the conscious ocean of energy, that is the Omniverse. Whether it is called, Goddess, God, Spirit, Soul, Nature, Energy, Higher Power, or the many, many other names it has gone by; it is of us and we are of it. We are Kyndred. This Kyndred energy that we all share is what unites us, despite any perception of differences. It is not about me. It is not about you. It is about the combination of the two. We. Are. Kyndred.

We wish to create a community of inclusivity. A place where all feel welcomed and accepted, no matter the differences. To help move humanity forward into a more equal and just society for everyone. We want to provide homes for homeless. Better education systems for everyone. Better community support and outreach. We believe there is so much more to life, and we all deserve the opportunities to experience the beauty and reach for our dreams, within a connected community of loving and understanding beings. Our dreams are enormous and we will never stop aiming for this world to be better through intentional evolution.


We are a nonviolent, nonpolitical community based on inclusivity of all life. Our perspective is one of interdependent connection. An understanding that conscious energy flows through, and evolves with all things. Becoming separated by our ego, economy, race, gender, religion, and other shallow differences has led us to the state in which we find ourselves. A disastrous social and cultural dichotomy of differences and judgement will only lead us to extinction.

We believe it is time to unite under the banner of life, and Kyndred spirit for all things. Time to begin the journey of living sustainably with our environment. Time to recognize that respecting and understanding ourselves, is to respect and understand everything else. It is time to evolve into productive pursuits necessary for our social and cultural growth to continue, in an harmonious and balanced way. This is the embodiment of spirituality, in our perception.

We hope that others will see the wisdom in this outlook. That some may join with us to help achieve a better future for everyone. If nothing else, that others may begin a path of spiritual growth within themselves.

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