MyPsy Technique


The MyPsy Technique can provide the tools to help you grow into a self-validating, confident and understanding individual.


For people who want to train their minds to be stronger and more adaptable; that often feel imbalanced, invalidated, insecure, confused, and less than confident about who they are.

Training our minds, emotions and perspectives can have significant effects on our lives. Overcoming past traumas and experiences in order to recognize them as the building blocks of a new person that we can create is possible with the proper tools. MyPsy Mentors can provide awareness and knowledge so that you can help yourself to overcome the negative aspects of your internal and external expression, in order to create a new perspective formed by an educated and aware individual, confident in self-love and healthy expression.
Fears will manipulate us into lying, hiding, and masking any semblance of truth about our feelings or desires, if we aren’t confident enough to push past them. If we didn’t learn how to validate and express ourselves properly, we may even feel incapable of doing so in any healthy way. This is why we offer the MyPsy Technique based on a foundation of respecting and loving ourselves, which is the first step towards loving and respecting anyone else; or accepting respect and love from anyone else. MyPsy Mentors can provide you the tools necessary to grow into a confident, self-validating and aware individual. You simply have to make the choice and perform the work.
We also believe that much like a stronger body is capable of fighting off more of the infections and illnesses than a weaker body; so is a strong mind capable of fighting off more of the self-doubt and insecurity than a weaker mind. Everyone experiences the full array of emotions and thoughts, including the emotions some of us consider so dark and terrifying. The real difference is in how we perceive the thoughts and emotions, and how long we refuse to let them go.
The power of the mind has been called many things over the years, including willpower, chi, focus, and determination. There are also many tools to provide strengthening or developing that willpower, just as there are different parts of the physical body to exercise, and different tools to exercise them with. Much like going to the gym or a trainer to learn which areas of the body to focus on in order to achieve the proper results, training the mind with a MyPsy Mentor can help achieve similar results for our mind.
Learning how to validate and accept ourselves, our thoughts and emotions, are some of the most important aspects of confidence and understanding. Similar to exercising to maintain or even grow in physical strength, we must stimulate our mind properly to habitualize our own behavior of respecting and loving ourselves, even when we misstep. The behavior patterns that we dislike about ourselves will only become worse as we recognize them, if we repress or suppress the emotions and actions that they exhibit within us. The MyPsy Mentors can assist with focusing the mind to do almost anything you want to change about your behavior, to create new or end old habits, in order to treat yourself with more respect and love.




Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We are here to help.

MyPsy Technique sessions are 1 hour intervals via Skype, Discord, or phone.


*** We make no claims to therapy, or any form of cure for any illness or issues. By purchasing this session, you agree that we are not responsible for any damage caused, and that your actions, thoughts and emotions are your own to control. The intention of this is to help connect others to the tools that make recreating ourselves and moving forward in a positive and healthy way, more readily available.
**** Emotional reactions are a normal part of life, but projecting them onto others shouldn’t be. Please refrain from defamatory remarks, threats, or violence of any kind. We reserve the right to end any session, at any time if we feel in danger, without refund. If you feel a MyPsy session was ended early or unfairly, please send a detailed account of the events to, and we will be happy to consider providing another opportunity.
By purchasing this service you agree that The Kyndred,, or any of its employees are not responsible for any damage to you or your person.

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